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Project: EVOCOSEAL: 'Evaluation and Optimization of Contaminated Seal Performance for Food Packaging'

TETRA: Technologie-transfer gerichte projecten door instellingen van hoger onderwijs

The goal of the project is to develop a model and guideline for evaluation and optimisation of seal performance in the presence of contaminations and to increase the process stability when sealing product contaminated polymer films in the packaging process. The project will deliver a technology transfer towards interested companies, expertise in the field of sealing technologies, material properties and contamination characteristics is bundled and used to optimize seal performance in the presence of contaminations.

- food producers
- packaging material producers (raw material producers, converters, thermoformers, packaging material suppliers, ...)
- ultrasonic sealer producers/suppliers
- heat conductive sealer producer/suppliers
- laser sealer producers/suppliers
- packaging machine producers/suppliers

In a first step, a protocol will be developed for applying different types of contamination (solid/liquid) to the seal area in a reproducible way. This protocol will be used to contaminate seal areas of common packaging concepts. Next, the contaminated seal surfaces are sealed using different technologies (heat conductive + ultrasonic + laser), as well as different settings for those. These seals are then characterised and serve as a basis to create a model for optimising seal performance in the presence of -a certain type of- contamination. Finally, this methodology will be validated by testing specific packaging concepts in combination with specific types of contamination for companies of the (SME) User Committee. At the end of the project practical guidelines for optimising the seal performance in the presence of contamination will be available for the industry.

Fraunhofer-IVV Dresden, Het VerpakkingsCentrum (UHasselt) and MeBioS (KU Leuven)
Bram Bamps
Verbindingstechnieken (rivetteren, schroeven, lijmen), Verpakking voor materialen, Voedingsverpakking / Behandling
Bart De Ketelaere, Bram Bamps, Karlien D'huys, Roos Peeters
Luc Larmuseau (iLLumoo)
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