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Project: M3

SBO: Strategisch Basis Onderzoek (opvolger van GBOU)

Manufacturers in the transportation, wind energy and machinery sector are increasingly using lightweight materials to reduce the eco foot print of their products. This is especially true for the transportation sector, where substantial deployment of lightweight design and materials such as composites is the only viable path to meeting the ever more stringent CO2 emission norms. However, the widespread use of lightweight materials in industrial design and development is limited by the lack of predictive modeling tools to predict the macro level behavior of lightweight materials structures.
The MacroModelMat (M3) program addresses this gap in efficient macro-level predictive modeling tools for new lightweight material systems. The key objective of the program is the development of an integrated numerical simulation methodology for the multi-attribute mechanical behavior of new lightweight materials such as fiber-reinforced composites and 3D printed materials. The MacroModelMat program covers predictive CAE modeling for multiple functional performance attributes such as: static strength and stiffness, dynamic strength (fatigue), crash worthiness & crush and NVH/Acoustics.

Projects under this program: SBO M3Strength, ICON M3Strength, Amcae, M3NVH

The industrial consortium consists of 10 industrial players representing different positions in the value chain:
• Solution and Services Providers:
• Simulation and Test Solutions: LMS
• Additive manufacturing Solutions: Materialise
• Material manufacturers:
• Bonding materials: Nitto, Alfatex, Dejond
• Product Manufacturers:
• Helmets: Lazer Sport
• Automotive OEM: Toyota
• Aircraft Industry Supplier: SABCA Limburg
The consortium is further completed with academia and research institutes that are leading R&D players in the field of composite modeling, characterization and manufacturing: KULeuven, UGent, VUB and Flanders’ Drive.

Program manager: Christophe Liefooghe, LMS

Véronique Hartmann
Luc Verhoeven (Just Innovation), Luc Larmuseau (iLLumoo)
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