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The Human-Centered Design Summit 2017

Innovate by harnassing the power of your customers.

The end-users and customers are crucial stakeholders in your innovation process, as it is them who eventually using your solutions. This is why they should be given a central role, because if you ignore your customer, they will ignore you and what you're offering.

We are very proud to welcome you to the second edition of the ‘Human-Centered Design Summit’ on the 12th of October 2017 with internationally acclaimed keynote speakers.

Human-Centered Design, or the action of designing solutions with the end-user at heart, is a sustainable, faster, and more cost-effective approach to innovation.

We know this to be true from our 10 years of experience. But don’t just take our word for it, come and join us and listen to the keynote speakers we have carefully brought together.

The Keynote speakers for the evening

Bart De Smet, CEO Ageas

Venkat Ramaswamy, Co-creation Guru & Author

Agnis Stibbe, Professor of Transformational Sociotech Design, MIT Media Lab

Annita Beysen, Managing Partner U-Sentric

Event Programme

12.30 P.M - Networking & Lunch

2.00 P.M. - Annita Beysen, Managing partner U-Sentric

2.30 P.M. - Venkat Ramaswamy, Co-Creation Guru, Author of: 'The paradigm of Co-creation'

3.30 P.M - Coffee break

4.15 P.M - Bart De Smet, Manager van het Jaar, CEO AGEAS

4.45 P.M - Agnis Stibe, MIT Medialab, Transformational Design for Sustainable Behavior Change

5.30 P.M. - Networking & Finger food

Practical information

  • Event price is 125€, but early birds can register their seat for 99€ until the 12th of September
  • The venue will be at the Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten, Vaartkom 4 in Leuven 

For more information:

Arnaud Dierickx (U-Sentric)
+32 478 40 51 86
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